Starting again

In a moment of reflection shaving my hair off was the best and worst thing…

The good moments, it was liberating truly and honestly liberating! The feeling of a freshly shaved head is therapeutic, seeing who was under the barnet was humbling and empowering; no hair problems; no products; less time in the shower; one less thing to worry about the list is endless…

The bad moments, losing parts of my individuality; feeling too masculine on the bad days; maintaining the perfect length to keep that fresh haircut feel. (every two weeks incase your wondering) not a long list but when it was bad…

It got ooougly… it seems alot judge a book by it’s cover; I either looked like a football hooligan or a rebel ballerina.

On the bad days heavy make up; head/hair scarf; head bands; hats all are needed; I have alot of hair in it’s full glory, hats before couldn’t be done I thought I was never going to able to wear a hat…. I finally got the chance and really hats look better with a frame/silhouette. (I think I’m going to have get tailored to fit in the future).

The enlightened discovery; my truth… My hair grows just under an inch a month, every 2 weeks noticable growth; one can hide under hair but the liberating experience of shaving off a lifetime of living the long hair life… truly worth it. One minute past midnight… on my 30th birthday….I started again; good or bad; I started again.

The Reflection

You don’t know who I am;

You don’t know me;

You don’t know where I’ve been;

You don’t see what I see…

Your right.

I see the reflection, the you in me, the me in you because…

You don’t know who I am;

You don’t know me;

You don’t where I’ve been;

You don’t see what I see.

Wanna talk about it? Not really

Ok… I’m here anyway if you do.

The reflection